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A former jockey and race horse trainer, Michael Passarelli, developed his Horse and Cow Hoof Crème that can grow a hoof in one-third the time and prevents cracking while hardening the hoof. The cream uses all natural ingredients and is easy to apply by massaging into the coronet band. Significant growth can be seen in three weeks. The anti-fungal ingredient prevents infections. Several owners have seen significant improvement to their animals’ hooves when using the cream.

“My horse, Chilango, and the quarter crack he had in his hoof, which was cracked at the coronet band. He was scheduled to race at Santa Anita on February 23, 2015, but had to be scratched because of the crack. It was so bad, he was lame and bleeding. The vet and blacksmith tried to repair it, but could not.

“Mike Passarelli had sent some of his hoof repair product to me to try on Chilango. The groom massaged the hoof repair cream into the coronet band twice a day for two weeks. After that, it used it three times a week. Chilango was able to do light exercise in three weeks, as his hoof had grown one-half inch. After continuing applications three times a week, the hoof grew one inch and Chilango was able to resume full training.

“He was shipped to Illinois, and, on April 24, two months after a severe quarter crack, he was able to race again. He finished fourth and returned from the race sound and not sore.

“As of now, he is still training well and the foot is almost grown out. I attribute this remarkable growth to the hoof repair product I received from Mike Passarelli.” — Davidd Rodriguez

For more information, contact Michael Passerilli at 630-201-3408 or mp60133@gmail.com

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