Physicians Learn to Appreciate Lean Beef’s Role in the Diet

Thanks to a national checkoff partnership with the New York Beef Industry Council (NYBIC), as part of its Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI), the checkoff exhibited at the Pri-Med East Conference in Boston, Mass., Sept. 12- 14. This annual meeting was hosted at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center near the Boston Harbor.

Joined by more than 4,100 Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Family Physicians and similar medical professionals, the checkoff shared the latest protein research to improve the doctor recommendation of including lean beef as part of a healthy diet. The group received BOLD study toolkits, nutrition fact sheets, and beef recipes to assist in their practices. Many were pleased to see beef represented at their meeting, as nutrition is a large component of healthy living.

Along with exhibiting, the checkoff hosted an interactive cooking demo featuring lean cuts, the use of salt-free seasoning and beef nutrition information physicians could pass on to their clients and patients. Physicians at the event wanted to know about the versatility of sirloin and round beef cuts, cooking methods and choosing lean beef in the grocery store.

This event served as the first opportunity to present the science of the benefits of lean beef in the diet, to such a great group of physicians, from across the northeast. Cindy Phillips, RD from the NYBIC, attended alongside with checkoff staff talking about the BOLD research and hosting the interactive beef demo. Phillips provided physicians with great nutrition information and tips for including lean beef in both their patient’s diets, as well as their own.

“The attendees were quite engaged in learning that many of the beef cuts are lean. Although quite a few raised the question about red meat and heart diseases, they were interested to learn that a heart-healthy diet that includes lean beef, even daily, can lower LDL-cholesterol, from results in the BOLD study,” said Phillips. “I pointed out that when a favorite lean protein, such as beef, is included in the diet, therapy compliance improves. The attendees all agreed with that. They were just as interested in discussing the science as the beef cuts of tenderloin and NY strip steak. There were many ‘beef-lovers’ among the attendees!”

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