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(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., July 30, 2019) When BioZyme® customers speak, the company listens, especially when they hear of ways to make existing products more user friendly and more palatable your animals. That’s why BioZyme Inc., is excited to share about the release of its improved gel products.

The paste products that end-users have come to rely on to help their animals with digestive upset and keeping them on feed and water are now water-based gel formulas. The new gels have an improved consistency, are easier to administer than the previous pastes and have increased palatability, according to Blaine Rodgers, BioZyme Show Livestock Business Development and Field Support.

The water-based gels should glide out the tubes with more ease than the pastes, and they are designed to withstand temperature up to 212-degrees Fahrenheit. All gels contain Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic research-proven to impact intake, feed digestibility and nutrient absorption to help combat stress and support the animal’s own immune system.

Two Improved Vita Charge® Products
Two gels are for all livestock species and designed to help animals recover in times of high stress. The new Vita Charge® Gel, formerly Vita Charge Paste, still contains the same ingredient profile as its predecessor. In addition, carrot powder has been added for palatability and color. Vita Charge Gel comes in 80-and 300-mL tubes.

Regardless of the species, it is wise to administer Vita Charge Gel to new animals that you are introducing to your barn. The stress of transportation, leaving familiar surroundings and starting a new routine in a different environment is enough to make any animal uncomfortable and perhaps go off feed and water. The Vita Charge Gel administered for a few days should help stimulate the animals’ appetite and keep them on track to eat and drink.

Another time of stress for show animals that is a good time to use Vita Charge Gel is prior to and while attending a show. Giving the gel a few days before traveling and while at the show, will help keep the digestive system in check.

The next gel is the Vita Charge Climate Control, formulated the same as the Sure Champ® Climate Control Paste, with an added blue vegetable powder for color. The Climate Control Gel is best used in in livestock that are experiencing extreme shifts in temperature, as both contain Amaferm and plant extracts that are research-proven to help animals maintain normal body temperature. Climate Control Gel comes in an 80 mL tube.

Plan to administer the Climate Control Gel up to two times daily during changes in environment or extreme temperatures, either heat or cold. For show livestock, start using 5-7 days prior to leaving for the show through returning home from the show. Exhibitors should expect to see their animals experience easier breathing, less sweating, less weight loss (shrink) during travel and better bounce back once they arrive at the show.

Vitalize® Equine
The Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste product, a 3-in-1 formula to get horses back on their feet after trauma, illness, hauling, performance or stress, is now a water-based gel formula.

The Vitalize Equine Recovery Gel contains the same ingredient profile as the previous paste. It includes vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids and antioxidants as well as MOS to sequester bad pathogens in the gut. It also contains Amaferm, research-proven to increase nutrient absorption resulting in maximized digestive health for improved performance. The new addition to the gel is carrot powder for improved palatability and color.

The gel still comes in a 30 mL tube and is recommended to be administered twice daily any time you are experience the following:
• At the first sign of colic
• Before and after hauling
• Before and after competition
• Before and after surgery
• Before and after worming and vaccinations
• Illness
• During any STRESS!

This ideal formula provides maximum support for immune function and stress recovery. Many customers trust this product makes a significant impact on their animal’s health, and many have also claimed it has saved their horse from colic when given at the first sign.

Vitalize Canine
Taking care of “man’s best friend” is serious business. That’s why we’re excited to announce our improved Vitalize® Dog Recovery Gel. The Vitalize Dog Recovery Gel has the same ingredient profile as the former Recovery Paste, with the addition of a natural peanut butter flavor for color and palatability.

The Vitalize Dog Recovery Gel contains Amaferm, research-proven to keep the gut balanced and efficient during stress as well as maintain feed and water intake. The Recovery Gel also contains MOS to trap and expel pathogens, limiting their ability to do harm. The gel comes in a 15 mL tube.

It is best to use the Recovery Gel anytime your dog is performing if it is a show, race or hunting dog; before and after antibiotic treatment, worming or surgery, during sickness, vomiting or diarrhea.

“It’s exciting for us to bring our customers these improved products, knowing they will be easier to administer to your animals, and your animals will enjoy the new gel flavors. In addition, the customers can feel better know they are giving their livestock and animals the very best in animal care, especially in times of recovery,” Rodgers said.

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About BioZyme® Inc.
BioZyme Inc., founded in 1951, develops and manufactures natural, proprietary products focused on animal nutrition, health and microbiology. With a continued commitment to research, BioZyme offers a complete line of feed additives and high density, highly available vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements for a variety of animals including cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and dogs. BioZyme brands include Amaferm®, AO-Biotics®, Amasile™, VitaFerm®, Vita Charge®, Sure Champ®, Vitalize®, and DuraFerm®. Headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri, BioZyme reaches a global market of customers throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. For more information about BioZyme, visit

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