Repurposing Offers Solutions for the Industry

For ranchers and feedlot owners, creating an environment that is pleasant and simple for both owner and animal can often require creative thinking and a substantial investment. Fortunately, Repurposed Materials Inc. out of Denver, Colorado, is doing some of the creative thinking and now offers some solutions for the industry. This is done by sourcing by-products and waste of industry that would otherwise get thrown away.
The concept of repurposing is similar to its close relative, recycling, but with one major difference — the product keeps its original form. Unlike recycling, repurposing doesn’t require any heavy equipment or re-manufacturing processes, rather just some creative thought as to how a product at the end of its useful life for one application can be used in another. Repurposing not only adds life to the material, keeping it out of the landfill, but also rewards the buyer with a product that does the job at a fraction of the cost.
“Farmers and ranchers are some of the most creative people I know when it comes to solving problems with whatever materials are at hand,” says Carson, “and our materials are versatile and generic enough that they can be repurposed in all kinds of useful ways.”
For example, Darin Buerkle, manager of Wang Ranch in Baker, Montana, uses 3/8” thick conveyor belting material to create a quiet, durable and effective tub and alleyway. “We constructed a tub and alleyway with a square tubing framework and belting fastened with self tapping screws,” says Buerkle “Our existing tub and alleyway has needed minimal maintenance over the last ten years and has effectively eliminated the clanging and banging associated with a sheet metal version.”
The beauty of all this is the fact that repurposing makes sense both economically and environmentally, keeping non-biodegradable materials out of already crowded landfills while providing affordable solutions during difficult economic times.
The following are some of the products offered by Repurposed Materials that Feedlot readers may find useful:
Billboard Covers
Billboards used to be painted on, now they are made of removable vinyl, which allows for easy switching. The vinyl is made of heavy material (20mm), extremely durable and waterproof. It is made to withstand the elements. They come in 10’ x 30’, 12’ x 20’, and 14’ x 48’ sizes and can be bonded together using waterproof cement. Can be used in a variety of tarp, shelter and ditch lining applications.
1.5”Rubber Conveyor Belting
Tough and versatile, this stuff can be used for a variety of feedlot purposes including as wind-breaks, fence line feeding mats for easy clean up, barn or trailer flooring and even as a feeding trough. This can be done by running two pipes along the length of the feeding area and draping the conveyor material to create a trough.
Plastic Pallets
When wooden ones just won’t cut it, these can be used in a variety of different ways but feedlot owners will find that these strong pallets make great false floors on which to stack hay bales.
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