Starbar® Alluvium™ Cockroach Gel Bait Reduces Chance of Profit-Robbing Infestation

Industry leader in insect control now brings a new form of control for cockroaches to agriculture operations and commercial facilities
Schaumburg, Illinois, November 12, 2019 – Insect control specialist Central Life Sciences announced the availability of Starbar® Alluvium Cockroach Gel Bait to reduce the problems associated with cockroach infestations.
“Alluvium will join the robust Starbar family as a gel product that is designed to protect animal production and processing facilities from the threat of cockroaches,” said Nate Brown, business manager of livestock feed additives at Central Life Sciences. “Cockroaches pose a significant threat to an operation’s bottom line by spreading disease, interfering with animal comfort and performance, which ultimately poses a direct risk to a farm’s profitability. Adding Alluvium to the Starbar product line further solidifies the brand’s reputation for effective control against pests that reduce animal comfort and wellbeing.” 
Alluvium gel bait, a second generation mectin, is an excellent rotational partner that can be used in any cockroach control program. It is available in a caulk-style cartridge for easy application and in a size that goes beyond the coverage of typical “home-use” product.
Producers wanting to protect their operations from the threat of cockroaches will benefit from a unique active ingredient, emamectin benzoate, that can be used in areas where cockroaches regularly are found such as cracks, crevices and voids.  Alluvium gel bait has been shown to be decidedly effective at controlling highly infested environments, and can be used in poultry, cattle, sheep, swine, goat and dairy facilities, stopping a wide spectrum of cockroach species. Additionally, Alluvium can be used in horse stables and dog kennels. 
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About Central Life Sciences
Central Life Sciences, whose founders pioneered biorational pest control more than 40 years ago, offers unique and effective pest management solutions to make life better for people, plants and animals. By affecting the insects’ own chemistry, Central Life Sciences’ products inhibit the life cycle of numerous pest species to reduce destructive populations. The Altosid®, ClariFly® and Starbar® lines of products decrease nuisance and disease-spreading flies and other insects from livestock and poultry operations, which helps increase animal performance and producer profitability.
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