Stop guessing…..

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

A common phrase…that couldn’t be more true when it comes to animal performance.

The challenge is getting it done, or in this case, physically gathering and weighing your cattle.

Animal Measurement

The SmartScale system is a cloud connected, automated scale unit that utilizes existing pen water supplies to provide daily weight and rate of gain for each animal in your pen. Customizable to fit most existing pen water supplies and integrates with SmartFeed bunks to provide high-quality, real-time data.

SmartScale is designed to save time, labor and ultimately help you understand the performance, behavior and health of your cattle.

SmartScale Features:

·    Real-time animal weights and average daily gain

·    Alerts you to abnormal behavior such as when an animal does not come to water

·    Prediction of illness or identifying optimum harvest dates for finishing cattle

·    Customizable to fit your existing water sources

·    Can be integrated with SmartFeed system for optimum animal management and efficiency

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