The evolution of a breed has built cattle suited to perform and add value in any environment.


Bozeman, MT – Hybrid vigor and environmental adaptability of the modern Simmental are keeping demand on the rise. Southeastern breeder Fred Smith has believed in the breed for decades and says it deserves its growing position in commercial herds.


“Simmental has made a lot of progress and produces an animal that’s very attractive to the commercial producer,” says Smith of Fred Smith Cattle Company Ranch in Clayton, N.C. “What we’ve found out is that by SimAngusTM, by producing an animal that’s balanced, that calves easy, grows, produces an outstanding carcass and has longevity, we can produce an animal that’s successful in all different slices of the meat business. SimAngus does that.”


Lasting power pays. An additional calf crop makes all the difference to the bottom line.


“Statistics will show that an F1 calf will, throughout her lifetime, produce one more extra calf. It also helps the commercial cattlemen in that they don’t have to raise as many replacement heifers, which is the No. 1 cost for our commercial cattlemen – to produce replacement heifers,” Smith says.

Breeders like Smith do their part to ensure success for the home ranch – and for their commercial customers.


“If we’re going to be sustainable, we’ve got to be profitable and the goal of the American Simmental Association, the goal of seedstock producers primarily has to be to take care of our customers’ needs, and the way we take care of our customers’ needs is to produce a product that will help make them both sustainable and profitable,” he adds.


Smith’s admiration for the breed is just part of why he loves raising cattle.

“I feel like what we’re doing is producing an outstanding, healthy product to feed the world,” Smith says. “I think meat brings so many advantages. It brings the advantage of a food that, with minimum calories, produces a strength that not only young people but older people need – strength for body and mind. I think that the product that we produce is very important and a product that the world needs.”


Ranchers wanting to learn more can visit or contact the Association at 406-587-4531.


Founded in 1968, the American Simmental Association is headquartered in Bozeman, MT. ASA is committed to leveraging technology, education, and collaboration to accelerate genetic profitability for the beef industry. In keeping with its commitment, ASA, along with its partners, formed International Genetic Solutions – the world’s largest genetic evaluation of beef cattle. Learn more at


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