U.S. Beef Industry Adopts Sustainability Framework, Weinheimer Elected as USRSB Chair

Courtesy of Texas Cattle Feeders Association

Cattle producers, feedyard operators, major food and retail companies, veterinarians, scientists and non-governmental organizations this week adopted the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework — the first of its kind — during the 2019 U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) General Assembly in Fresno, Calif. 
    The framework is a tool kit that gives all parts of the beef supply chain something tangible to use in voluntarily demonstrating their operation’s sustainability, now and in the future.
    Ben Weinheimer, TCFA vice president, was also elected as the 2019 USRSB Chairman, and Scott Anderson, TCFA vice chairman, was elected to serve as the secretary/treasurer. 
    The USRSB also announced it will introduce the framework to beef stakeholders throughout 2019. Weinheimer will lead this outreach. 
    “USRSB has established itself as the collaborative voice and leader of beef sustainability,” said Weinheimer. “The framework is a set of tools and resources intended to be voluntarily utilized by individuals and businesses throughout the supply chain to further enhance efficiency, improve profitability and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to managing natural resources and supporting employees and communities. Quite simply, the goal is to maintain and expand our reputation as the global leader in beef production — producing healthy and delicious beef that people all over the world enjoy.” 
    TCFA has had strong participation in the roundtable since it began. TCFA Past Chairmen Jason Hitch and Tom McDonald have been extensively engaged in the organization since its inception. 
    “We’ve been fortunate to have TCFA member engagement throughout this entire process,” said Anderson. “This framework creates new opportunities to share the great things TCFA members do to manage our natural resources, create a safe workplace for feedyard employees, provide proper care for cattle and produce safe and wholesome beef every day.” 
    The framework was developed by ranchers, feedyard operators, auction markets, packers and processors, retail and foodservice companies, veterinarians and NGOs who share a goal to advance, support and communicate U.S. beef sustainability. By design, the framework applies to any business model, region or production system regardless of past or current sustainability efforts. 
    “Now that the framework has gone through a rigorous comment period and been adopted, it’s time to make it available to all members of the beef supply chain, including feedyards, to use as they see fit on their own operation,” said Weinheimer. 
    Feedyards who wish to utilize the USRSB Framework tools can access them, free-of-charge, at www.usrsb.org.
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