USDA to Phase Out Metal NUES Tags

Source : Texas Cattle Feeders Association


USDA has released a plan to phase out the National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES) and replace it with an electronic identification system in cattle and bison. In order to achieve this, USDA put forth an implementation timeline that will phase out NUES tags over the next three years. 
    “While there are several steps USDA needs to take in order to strengthen its traceability system, the most essential one is to move from metal identification tags to electronic identification tags in beef and dairy cattle, as well as bison,” the agency said in a fact sheet posted to its website. 
     It’s important for producers to know that the free metal NEUS tags as an official form of animal identification will be replaced with electronic tags that use radio frequency identification (RFID). These tags will not be provided for free as the NUES tags are. Instead the electronic tags will be provided through a cost-sharing system between USDA, states and producers. 
    In other animal disease traceability news, USDA has announced the availability of $1 million in cooperative agreement funding to support animal disease traceability and electronic identification for cattle. According to the agency, the money will fund between two and five projects that are designed to help USDA increase the accuracy, efficiency and cost effectiveness of collecting key pieces of traceability information while also supporting the cattle industry’s management and marketing needs. More information can be found here.
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