Vaccine Handling Quiz, In Season BSE, Top Items to Check In Season for Successful Breeding, Predicting/Monitoring Weather

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Test your knowledge on vaccine handling alongside the beef cattle institute experts as they field questions about modified live vaccine management, needle size and care, equipment sanitation, and other beef quality assurance principles. Tune in to hear which expert was deemed the winner of this on-air competition, while gaining some valuable information

Even after you’ve taken all the right steps to prepare the bulls for the breeding season, it is important to continue to monitor them after turnout. Lameness, vision issues, injury, lack of interest in the females are just some of the problems that can arise. Listen in to hear expert advice about what to watch for.

2:30 Vaccine Handling Quiz

12:10 In Season BSE

18:10 Top Items to Check In Season for Successful Breeding

19:15 Predicting/Monitoring Weather

23:50 In the News

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