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Angus VNR: Basse bearish on all ag commodities

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Feedlot Focus

Capacity Utilization in Milling / Feeding Systems

By: Marc Roth M.S., P.A.S.

Last week, as I was reading a feed industry publication, there was a story about the dedication of a new pork feed mill in Iowa. The $29 million facility is slated to operate 24 hours/day, six days per week and will produce 350,000 tons annually. The thought struck me for the umpteenth time, “I wonder why ...
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Violative Residue: Five things you need to know

By: Jill J. Dunkel

The USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) is charged with maintaining the safety of the nation’s meat supply. Chemical residues in meat, including antibiotics, are among many areas the agency monitors. Receiving a certified letter from them stating there is a residue problem with a carcass that originated from your operation is a sure way to give ...
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Managing Mycotoxins

By: Luke Miller, M.S. Nutritionist

A unique aspect of beef production is that we can utilize feed ingredients that have been “damaged” or “rejected” and are not suitable for other species of livestock, nor marketable for human consumption. However, caution must be taken when feeding these ingredients because they can contain molds which can produce mycotoxins. Mold grows when the right ...
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Stocker Special

On Target column from CAB

By: Justin Sexten, Ph.D.

As summer turned to autumn, you faced familiar questions. Do I market calves at weaning or precondition them? Which heifers should I keep? Record prices made answers a bit easier last year, but with those on the decline you may want to consider alternatives. The decision of when to market calves relative to weaning comes down to enterprise ...
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Fenceline low stress weaning

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

Spring calving herds across the Midwest and Southwest will soon be planning to wean the calves.  Some producers may wean the calves from young or thin cows during September in order to regain some body condition before winter adds to the nutrient requirements.  However, many herds will wean at the more ...
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Managing Stocker on Poor Forage

By: Terri Queck-Matzie

p18Trying to grow stocker cattle on sparse forage is tricky business. Purina Animal Nutrition Cattle Consultant Chance Farmer, Ph.D, says the first element to tackle is producer expectation. “They’re not going to gain an enormous amount,” says Farmer. “It’s just not logical to expect they will.” Most stocker producers would ...
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Cow / Calf Corner

Don’t let weather impact the last stage of calf development

Shoreview, Minn. due in part to the rapid growth of a calf’s tissues. For many beef producers the period of rapid development also coincides with extremely variable weather conditions that often include rain, wind, sleet and snow. These conditions not only put a drain ...
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Marketing cull cows

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

Some culling of beef cows occurs in most herds every year.  A few cows will become reproductively unsound, broken-mouths, bad udders, open, and/or just plain OLD.  If feed resources are available, some producers may wish to market the culls after the first of the year for tax purposes. The Beef Audits have ...
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Are the bulls ready for the fall breeding season?

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

The fall breeding season is about two months away.  If you have not assessed your bull battery recently, time is running out.  Contact your local large animal veterinarian and make arrangements to see that your bulls of all ages pass a breeding soundness exam.  Late summer high temperatures may reduce bull ...
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Industry News

In The Cattle Markets: Dry Conditions Add to Price Decline

By: David P. Anderson, Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Dry Conditions Add to Price Decline After a wet first half of the year dry conditions have returned in much of Texas. The ...
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Imports of Australian beef should moderate in coming months

By: Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist

U.S. beef imports were up 32.5 percent in the first seven months of 2015.  This follows a beef import increase of 31 percent ...
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Fed cattle market purge continues

By: Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist

Fed cattle prices dropped over $9.00/cwt last week to about $125/cwt.  Prices for pens over 80 percent Choice made up most of the ...
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Company News

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is Specific for your Success, Introduces Lallemand Forward

BLAGNAC, FRANCE – September 14, 2015 – For more than 20 years, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has been committed to optimizing animal performance and well-being with specific, natural microbial product and service solutions. Now, ...
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Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor

RCMR, Inc. is proud to announce its new Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor. Hydraulically driven implements have been increasing in popularity for several years now and for good reason. When a piece of ...
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Marketing & Management

Grain Analysis Suprised

By: Luke Schwieterman, President, Schwieterman Inc.

In the August Supply and Demand report, the USDA did what the USDA does best confuse everyone. Expectations of analysts going into the report were for reduced corn acres and reduced yields. USDA left acres unchanged and increased yield by two bushels an acre from the July report. Yield at ...
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Developing A Performance Improvement Plan

By: Don Tyler, Tyler & Associates

Nearly all managers and supervisors dislike terminating employees and prefer to do everything possible to help an employee correct their performance or behaviors. Some are adept at coaching employees through this improvement process, but many struggle to implement the appropriate plan. The process is called a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) ...
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Beef News

What’s in a name?

By: Dr. Phil Bass, Certified Angus Beef LLC

As a meat scientist, I try to be precise in referring to beef cuts. But at the same time, I must be aware of the alternative names for those cuts which may have historical, regional or marketing significance. These common names could make them more identifiable to certain ...
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