2016 TCFA Annual Convention-TCFA Chairman’s Address

Baumann opened by sharing his appreciation for the opportunity to serve and thanking TCFA members for their active involvement alongside him to help continue to make the association successful. “Far too often in the world we live in, people will run their mouth about a cause but take no action to actually support it,” Baumann said. “This is where TCFA is different, this is where you’re different. We are a boots-on-the-ground, innovative leader, fighting for this industry every single day. That’s why I’m here. It has been an honor to fight alongside the organization that has been fighting for me ever since I began my journey in cattle feeding.”

Baumann addressed the current challenges facing the industry with an emphasis on market volatility, weather and government regulations. In these factors, he highlighted the resilience of cattle feeders and their ability to continue to produce the best tasting, highest quality beef with fewer natural resources than anywhere else in the world despite the many challenges that are faced.

He reviewed a number of important issues over the past year, including the positive science-based recommendations included in the final Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the progress made by cattle feeding representatives on the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. He shared about the success and diversity of TCFA youth programs and community involvement activities, and he thanked members for their support of the state beef checkoff and shared about some of the recent progress it has made, especially with the MD Outreach program and overseas beef promotion activities.

Baumann shared bright spots on the horizon for U.S. beef, despite the current market situation. “China just recently lifted a 13-year ban on U.S. beef, and we are looking forward to tapping into the world’s largest market and what it has to offer,” Baumann said. “We have been working with NCBA, USMEF and others to document an animal i.d. and traceability program that will satisfy the Chinese. And Also, TCFA continues to stress the importance of the Trans Pacific Partnership to our legislators in order to level the playing field in Japan and increase access to other markets.”

Baumann left attendees with a charge to “be great” at everything they do. “Be a great leader, be a great cattle feeder, be a great advocate for beef!” Baumann encouraged the crowd. “Go be great at everything you do and we will win the day and we will be the greatest supplier of high-quality, grain-fed beef in the world.”

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