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Cow / Calf Corner

Notes From the ADRDL: Yersinia Infections Taking Advantage of Beef Cattle

By : Russ Daly, Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, State Public Health Veterinarian, Courtesy of   Of all the germs associated with cattle illnesses during the challenging summer and fall, a pathogen that’s not one of the usual suspects has been identified in several cases of cattle death losses in Eastern South Dakota. Historically, the…

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Another Wet Fall? Careful Grazing Management a Must!

Fall planted cereal rye and turnips are great feed, if we can graze them . . . I walked across some pastures on the last day of November and shook my head as water splashed up from my gum boots and splattered my pants. I was honestly hoping that this winter wouldn’t be anything like…

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Managing New Bulls

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Five Feed Tips for Weaning Calves

By : Ted Perry, Beef Technical Solutions, Courtesy of   Calves are on pasture with their dams where life is good. Suddenly, they’re faced with a plethora of stressors and challenges. Weaning calves typically includes the weaning itself, shipping, commingling, processing, a change in nutrition and – to top it off – potential swings…

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Soybean Stubble for Cows

By : Bruce Anderson, Nebraska Extension Forage Specialist Don’t be misled into thinking soybean residues are as good or better than corn stalks. Photo credit Troy Walz. After soybeans are harvested, cows sometimes are put out on the residues to graze.  Some bean residues are even baled.  But how good is this feed? We’re all…

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