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Ruminants, and the Impact of Hot Weather

In this eight minute presentation, OSU Extension Beef Specialist Dr. Steve Boyles discusses the impact of heat on ruminants, forages and feed consumption.

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Managing Cows through Dry Conditions

By : Karla H. Wilke, UNL Cow/Calf Systems and Stocker Management There are several options cattle producers may want to consider to conserve grass in dry areas of the state. Photo credit Troy Walz. Hot, dry conditions in early summer have taken a toll on grass growth in much of the Great Plains this year.…

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Creep Feeding Calves

By : Steve Niemeyer, Nebraska Extension EducatorTravis Mulliniks, UNL Beef Cattle Nutritionist, Range Production Systems The cost of the gain from creep feeding has to be less than the value of the gain to be a profitable nutritional strategy. Photo credit Steve Niemeyer. Keeping a tight grip on feed costs is a priority for every…

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Female Reproductive Traits and Their Heritabilities in Beef Cattle

By : K. M. Cammack M. G. Thomas and R. M. Enns, published in The Professional Animal Scientist 25 ( 2009 ):517–528, and condensed from the original manuscript by Steve Boyles, OSU Beef Extension Specialist Female Reproductive MeasuresBiological and economical efficiencies of cow-calf production are largely dependent on successful reproduction. Improvements in reproductive performance can be…

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Summertime water requirements for the cow herd

By : Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist During hot summer months, the water needed for a cow herd often determines several other management decisions.  To best assess the adequacy of water quantities in surface water or from wells or “rural water” supplies, it first is necessary to have an idea of…

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