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Cow / Calf Corner

Quality, Efficient Beef Production is Focus of Dec. 3-4 Conference in Sioux Falls

Drought has impacted beef producers in a wide area and many have reduced herd sizes. This magnifies the importance of reproductive efficiency in the animals that remain as well as for herd expansion when conditions allow. Understanding how to use advancing reproductive technologies and proper management decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of beef…

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Don’t wait to feed the cows

The drought has put a tremendous pressure on many of the cows around the country. Even if winter has not hit your part of the country, it’s not too early to start feeding cows, according to information from North Dakota Beef Specialist Kris Ringwall. “Thin cows must be fed, and fall is a good time…

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The Prime directive

Improved genetics, focused selection transform an elusive grade into a logical target By Jill J. Dunkel Breeding for high quality and retaining heifers over generations, Mike Kasten sees results. The Millersville, Mo., rancher has used artificial insemination (AI) for decades, finishing the progeny and collecting data. Detailed records prove the herd does it all, from…

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Dealing With Pasture Bloat

by Heather Smith Thomas Bloat generally occurs when there’s a change to higher protein feeds, such as from grass to alfalfa, according to Dr. James England of the University of Idaho Caine Center. Grasses don’t normally cause bloat, but some species of grass can create bloating under certain conditions. “Usually cattle bloat when eating highly…

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Brangus provides new selection tools to commercial cattlemen

SAN ANTONIO, Texas– The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) continues to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology by providing tools for commercial cattlemen to assist in comparing the expected performance of Brangus sired offspring to that of other breeds. These most advanced tools are Calving Ease EPDs, including Calving Ease Direct and…

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