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Cow / Calf Corner

Tips to Improve Cow Performance While Consuming Low-quality Forages

By : Rob Ziegler, UNL MS Animal Science Student and Travis Mulliniks, UNL Beef Cattle Nutritionist, Range Production Systems   Because of the challenges faced last spring and this year’s projected lower quality hay crop, supplementing cattle this year with protein will be an effective way to increase intake and digestibility of low-quality forages. Photo…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Grazing Corn Residue Fields with Excessive Downed Corn

By : Mary Drewnoski, Nebraska Extension Beef Systems Specialist Prior to grazing cornstalks with cattle, an estimate should be made of the amount of corn that is present in the field. Photo credit Troy Walz. Putting cows out on corn fields with a lot of corn is a recipe for acidosis (grain overload), abortion, and…

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Maintain body condition between calving and the breeding season. (“Don’t let ‘em slip”)

By : Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist   Body condition score at calving is the single most important trait determining when a cow resumes heat cycles and therefore when she is likely to re-conceive for the next calf crop.  However, it is also very important to avoid condition loss between calving…

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Poor forage quality spurs concerns over malnutrition this winter

Source : Keith Johnson A wet spring kept farmers from harvesting forage until much later than usual this year, and that could have serious consequences for nutrient quality. Purdue University Extension specialists suggest livestock operators have their forage tested and seek guidance from a nutritionist to ensure that animals receive proper nutrition this winter. (Purdue…

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Cattle Fetal Programming 101

Source : Purina Mills Nutrition   Researcher David J. Barker discovered malnourished human fetuses are more likely to have long term disease consequences later in life.  His work was applied to bred cows, delivering us the concept we know today as cattle fetal programming. Knowledge of cattle fetal programming helped the cattle industry think about…

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