Correcting two myths about nitrates in forages

By : Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist Oklahoma summers often bring “high pressure domes” that cause 100 degree days and no rain.   The resulting heat stress can cause nitrate accumulation in summer annual forage crops.   Producers are very cautious about cutting or grazing the drought-stressed forages and for good reason.   However,…

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Is mob grazing worth it on a small farm? pros & cons

Source : Penn State University Three weeks ago we started mob grazing our herd of 35 Dexter beef cattle on our small farm. While it’s too early to understand the full effects of mob grazing, we’ve seen some immediate changes in our pastures and herd behavior. Is mob grazing worth the extra effort and what…

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Structuring Grazing Leases

By : Pete Bauman, SDSU Extension Range Field Specialist, Courtesy of Note: Information for this publication was derived from range management professionals and several private livestock operations utilizing alternative fee structures and lease language to meet overall ranch resource management goals in South Dakota. While examples of financial calculations and potential lease terms are provided…

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Water Consumption, Top Water Management Considerations for Summer, Fly Control, Hay Management

Source : Kansas State University Beef Cattle Institute Cool refreshing water in the summer is not only good for humans but is also critical to cattle health. Depending on the humidity, temperature and lactation status, cows require between 6 and 18 gallons of water/day. Listen in to hear the veterinarians discuss water requirements and how…

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Good Planning extends the grazing season and Protects the Resources

By : John Kellis, ODA Grazing Management Specialist Most southern Ohio pastures are located squarely in the “Tall fescue belt”. As these grasses go dormant in the fall, they become a very palatable to cattle and can be intensively grazed. Often-times producers will strip graze these grasses beginning in December, moving portable fence back 50…

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