Grass Tetany: Now Is the Time to Prepare

By : Adele Harty, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist, Courtesy of The warmer spring temperatures have been a welcome reprieve from the cold experienced across the region in 2019. With warmer temperatures and significant soil moisture, ranchers need to be proactive in mitigating grass tetany risk. Cool season grasses are beginning to green up,…

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By Don Tyler Feedlot managers have had to adapt to a wide range of new technologies and production strategies, reduced margins, unpredictable external forces and a very tight labor supply. Some of these are more challenging than others. Based on comments and concerns from recent discussions with several managers, they have noticed a significant increase…

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Protect Cattle from Exposure to Lepto and Other Feral-Swine Disease Risks

Increasing biosecurity and practicing prevention minimizes disease transmission to cattle With nearly 77% of all livestock located in regions with feral swine and up to 34 known diseases those swine can transmit, it’s crucial for beef producers to protect their cattle from exposure to feral-swine disease risks. The biggest struggle we’re having with feral hogs…

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Proactive Animal Health Means a Genetic Approach

By Miranda Reiman Imagine a world where you could breed cattle that never get sick. It’s not reality today, but the American Angus Association is taking the first step toward tools that can help select for greater immunity. “As we continue to refine genetic selection, we realize that genetics contribute to animal health in ways…

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Multiple Factors Impacting Markets

The roller coaster we call the cattle markets are providing a heart-stopping ride, thanks to fears of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Russia-Saudi Arabia oil price war. In the U.S., broad market fears started with coronavirus news related to beef exports, which were impacted by the virus. Other global markets also responded with a knee-jerk…

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