Forage Value Based on Nutrients

By : Clif Little, OSU Extension Guernsey County A forage nutrient analysis is an underutilized tool. Nutrient content determines forage value. In addition, forage dry matter content influences livestock feed amounts required per day and ability to properly preserve forages for winter feeding. Consider the calculations values below for a second cutting grass hay (harvested…

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Managing Weeds Crucial During Droughts

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Recent drought conditions have made herd care difficult for Alabama livestock producers. As conditions worsen and desirable vegetation declines, established weeds are often the last plants standing. During this time, livestock may be tempted to eat these weeds. This can be problematic because certain species have the potential to cause health…

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Precision Manure Application on Display at Manure Expo

By : Rick Koelsch, UNL Extension Specialist Reviewers:  Aaron Nygren, Nebraska Extension Educator; Joe Luck, UNL Extension Specialist; Javed Iqbal, UNL Extension Specialist While the North American Manure Expo may not reach bucket level status for your vacation plans, for anyone replacing or upgrading equipment for managing manure, it is the place to be.  Manure…

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Pump Containment Ponds Before Unpermitted Release Occurs

The recent rainfall and upcoming forecast are proving to be a challenge, not only for harvesting crops but also for livestock producers. “If you are a livestock producer with a manure management system, you need to inspect your dirty-water containment ponds,” advises Mary Keena, Extension livestock environmental management specialist based at North Dakota State University’s…

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Mindsets of Great Producers

By: Don Tyler Several years ago, Jim Collins wrote “Good to Great” which detailed the process by which “Good” companies become “Great” ones. Though it was originally published in 2001 it is still the go-to book for many business leaders. I was recently asked to provide a presentation at a conference for large ag operations…

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