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Stocker Special

A Guide to Selling Stockers

Courtesy of For cow-calf producers who spring calve, now seems like a logical time to market weaned calves. You’ve invested time and resources into breeding the cows, raising the calves and getting them weaned. Those cows should be bred back, and the cycle continues. But, is this really the best time to sell? Like…

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Corn Silage: Good wintertime feed

By : Terri Queck-Matzie Corn silage can be a good feedstuff for cattle through the winter months. “Silage can provide a tremendous amount of energy,” says Eric Bailey, University of Missouri Extension beef specialist and assistant professor of animal science. The feeding option was the subject of his presentation last January at the Three-State Beef…

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Unharvested Corn Can be Feed for Cattle

Sources : Kevin Sedivec, Miranda Meehan, Karl Hoppe and Janna Block, NDSU Extension Service   The 2019 growing season has not been conducive for corn grain production in many areas of the northern Plains. The late planting season, combined with cooler temperatures, has left many fields unharvestable or not cost effective for harvesting corn for…

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Interpretive Summary: Endophyte-infected fescue fed to stocker steers

By: Jackie Walling Courtesy of American Society of Animal Science A recent article published in the Journal of Animal Science evaluated the effects of supplemental crude protein (CP) on growth and physiological responses in stocker steers experiencing fescue toxicosis. Cattle contract fescue toxicosis by ingesting endophyte-infected tall fescue, most commonly, ergot alkaloids. Consuming infected grasses while in…

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Weaning Calves on Cover Crops

By : Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management Associate. Courtesy of What do we do if it is time to wean calves, but the pen isn’t ready? That can be a real concern during wet fall seasons, such as 2019. Putting calves into muddy pen conditions is far from desirable, but holding calves…

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