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Compaction; It happens in pasture lands too!

By: Victor Shelton, NRCS State Agronomist/Grazing Specialist Compacted soils have a platy layered look, not a nice granular or cottage cheese appearance. I have driven down a lot of roads lately and observed pastures and crops across Indiana and several other states. Most pastures are thriving better than crops, at least the ones being managed…

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Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology to Manage Grazing Cattle Without Fencing Boundaries

By: Charlotte Talbott, Noble Research Institute As I prepared for my summer in Ardmore, Oklahoma, I found myself wondering about the research project I would be assigned. My interests have always revolved around forage management and crop-animal interactions, so naturally, I hoped I would be working with cows and grass in some way. But, when…

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Planning for wheat pasture

Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist At mid-August, some wheat producers are beginning to think about planting wheat for winter grazing. Weather conditions are the biggest factor for early-planted wheat which can begin by late August and into September. An exceptionally hot July followed a wet and cool spring seriously depleting…

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Monensin Supplementation Mitigates Enteric Methane Production

Courtesy of: ARPAS Researchers develop equations for modeling enteric methane production in wheat pasture–grazed cattle receiving energy and monensin supplements in a new study in Applied Animal Science Philadelphia, PA, August 12, 2019—Enteric methane is a major contributor to the carbon footprint of the beef industry and has received considerable attention from researchers and the…

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2019 Nebraska Cow-Calf Pair and Stocker Rental Rates

Recent findings published from the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights 2018-2019 indicate changes in cow-calf and stocker monthly rental rates trended slightly lower when compared to 2018 (Table 1). Nebraska monthly grazing rates represent a typical fee for one month of grazing during the summer. Many leases run for a five-month grazing season subject…

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