Kent introduces new beef product to lineup

Getting calves eating after arrival or weaning is often difficult. Nutrient in-take is key to performance and animal health at all stages of production, particularly during times of predicted stress. That’s why Kent’s Ph.D. nutritionist developed Performance Primer to help calves get the right start by priming their appetites and ultimately, impacting cattle health and performance. 

What is Performance Primer?

Performance Primer is a blend of Kent Nutrition Group’s proprietary NutriVantage® technology, Kent Natural Yeast, Y900 MOS, along with vitamin E and organic trace minerals. Performance Primer is specifically formulated to aid in optimal performance in all classes of cattle during periods of stress. Easy to use, Performance Primer is designed to complement the current nutrition—simply add to the TMR or top dress at the rate of 0.25 lb/head/day during times of predicted stress or desired performance.
  • NutriVantage for beef – Research proven to increase dry matter intake, support average daily gain, reduce the impact of stress, and reduce death loss.
  • Kent Natural Yeast – Research proven to improve fiber digestion, improve dry matter intake, and increase average daily gain.
  • Chromium – Improves insulin function which results in efficient glucose uptake by cells, minimizes the negative effects of the animal’s response to stress.
  • MOS – MOS functions as a probiotic in the digestive tract, supporting a healthy rumen environment.
  • Easy to Use – No need to rebalance diets when adding Kent Performance Primer, simply add on top of the TMR or top dress during times of predicted stress or desired performance.Learn more about Kent Performance Primerfrom your local Kent dealer.
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