Merck Animal Health Again Joins Sponsorship of Stockmanship & Stewardship Program to Benefit Cattle Handling

NCBA Producer Education Program Will Host up to five regional events in 2020

CENTENNIAL, CO (Dec. 2, 2019) — Up to five regional Stockmanship & Stewardship events will be coordinated throughout the United States by the producer education team at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in 2020, thanks to sponsorship from Merck Animal Health. Additional funding and support for the program is provided by the Beef Checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance program.
Stockmanship & Stewardship events bring together cattle producers from a large area for a two-day cattle handling and educational program. They highlight proper and accepted stockmanship techniques and provide local stewardship information appropriate for the region. Events have been held throughout the country over the past three years.
“Merck Animal Health has been a strong partner of the beef industry and NCBA in our BQA and other programs for many years,” says Chase DeCoite, director of BQA at NCBA. “We look forward to their continued partnership in this widely successful education effort.”
“We’re excited to extend our partnership with the NCBA and our sponsorship of the Stockmanship & Stewardship program for 2020,” says Kevin Mobley, executive director, cattle sales and marketing, Merck Animal Health. “We enjoy the opportunity to work directly with our customers to help educate them on proper animal handling as a part of our animal welfare platform.”
Stockmanship & Stewardship events include live cattle demonstration and hands-on opportunities, as well as BQA training with possible classroom sessions. In addition to cattle handling and effective stockmanship, possible elements of regional sessions include sustainability and environmental stewardship, animal health and regional issues and hot topics.
For more information on either the Stockmanship & Stewardship or BQA programs, contact DeCoite at

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